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They are winning the Championship this year. There is NO WAY any team is beating them 4 out of 7 games.

I don't think they will win. I agree with Charles and Shaq. Curry has to be touched up. Just letting him dribble around and shoot without a few fouks isn't working. He doesn't he look good when he drives in for a layup.

Maybe this year we will see some more aggressive defense like the hack a Shaq movement.

He's a great shooter without a doubt but when I grew up you were definitely taught to get in people's heads more and let them know they aren't getting shots on you without getting a few fouls. It's always part of the game. You don't hurt anyone but you let them know your there. I feel people are taught not to foul on threes but this is a different situation.

If he already has a high percentage shot at three, of course you go.with a hard foul and make him make three for three. And you may get him to question the shot and disrupt his game. No one is doing it and he is just running around like NBA Jam but with no defense