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Here's a mockup I created for this concept, taking some creative liberties with it. This is with a 5" screen. It is a little slimmer and less tall than a 3DS, but wider with the controllers attached.

My opinions on this idea:

-The controllers aren't detachable so that two people can play with them, that's silly. They're detachable because it makes this the perfect competitor to phones which really only suck because they don't have proper controls, in which case it can be sold to young people buying their first phone which is where Nintendo's handheld market is currently being gouged out. The idea that it's "too hard", and Nintendo should abandon their biggest market to go after the saturated home console market mid-cycle is ridiculous. You want something hard? Try selling a $400 console to people who already own one. Meanwhile we're not going to run out of teenagers buying their first phones anytime soon and that could be a huge market for Nintendo.

-With the controllers detachable, this could be one of the best VR solutions out there if sold with a Galaxy Gear-like headset and maybe a motion tracking device, because you could take the controller bits off, place the device into the headset and use the motion controls from those two controllers similar to Vive's or Oculus'.

-Why are people complaining about power? This is an example of Nintendo focusing on power for the first time in a long time - if they're using the Tegra X2 especially, this is about the most powerful handheld you could possibly build. If Sony wanted to do their Sony thing of releasing a more powerful handheld right after to compete with it they would have a hard time. This would be the most powerful handheld ever, which is a huge departure from the DS and 3DS strategy.

-Combining their handheld and home console software production will partly eliminate software droughts.