I've left clues to new game announcements for years
I'd say things like "I bet we get *insert game here* in threads just prior to announcements. Since I probably won't be around much longer, might as well give whatever knowledge/hints I have left:

-A sequel to a 3DS game is coming to Switch. Remember what was said about new character inclusion for Smash.
-Netflix (but not Hulu) is coming Q1. Announcement will be tied with a Netflix-produced show.
-Themes will arrive with a Dec. 25 update. Free if you own the game or amiibo.
-Metroid Prime 4 will have a subtitle that people know, Q4 at the earliest. First footage in January Direct.
-Little Mac was almost in ARMS. There's a reason he's not.
-A new spinoff is coming exclusively to the eShop using assets from a game already released

That's all I've got.