Hey guys,

this is my first posting for NeoGaf, so I wanted to start with something useful:

I really love the fact, that you can buy every Vita game in the PSN Store, but what I found annoying is that you can't transfer save data so easily. So I was fiddling around a bit and noticed that in fact you can transfer just the save file of a Vita game onto your PC without a problem; of course this works only with the PSN version of a Vita game or if a Vita game on a game card saves directly onto your Vita memory card. But there is a little "twist" to it I'll describe later, so this is how it works:

1. You need the Content Manager for this process, this does not work with the PS3
2. Plug in your Vita in your PC/Mac
3. Open the Content Manager on your Vita and choose copying PS Vita content onto you PC/Mac
4. Choose the game which save game you want to copy
5. Start copying
6. On your PC you go into the folder you specified for associating with the Vita Content Manager, so you go into "Vita root" -> Data -> APP -> "number of associated account"

You'll see something like this:

Notice the "_TEMP" folder? That is where your game is temporarily copied to.
If you go inside that temp folder you see something like this:

The good thing is, that when copying content from the Vita, the save data is always copied first and afterwards all the other game data stuff.

So what you want to do now is copy this small "savedata" folder and paste it somewhere else into a safe place. After that you just abort the copying process on the Vita.

Now you have the save data of your game or your twitter/facebook/foursquare/etc. app. You can backup it now wherever you want just make sure you don't forget to what game/app it belongs. Thus put it somewhere you'll find later when you need it.

And here comes the little "twist" I mentioned earlier: The process of copying your save game back onto your Vita.

When you want to copy the save game back into a game/app, you need the game/app ready on your PC/Mac. So what you're basically gonna do is download the game from PSN, transfer it from your Vita onto your PC/Mac (or you have it backed up somewhere else and copy it) and this is where you're gonna copy your savedata folder into the folder of the game/app to override the existing savedata folder:

After that you'll need to copy the game back onto your Vita and now you have your save game restored. ;)

Of course this is a bit of a hassle, but at least it gives you the opportunity to decouple your save data from your games/apps, so that you don't have to store large chunks of data just to keep your save file. I, for one don't want to store 3.6 GB of data just to have my save file of Uncharted: GA in a safe place. :P