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Some possible good news on the game's localization? There's someone on GameFAQs who posts on the BD board and is supposedly an insider.

His first post last December:

I am something of an "insider" so to speak and from everything I've heard, Bravely Default is not even on the table as of right now.

Square-Enix usually holds a meeting on a bimonthly basis regarding releasing products "overseas." (EU/US) The last meeting was held mid December and Bravely Default wasn't one of them.

I suppose it is too early to hope for an announcement. However I do understand Kotaku's reaction. IT is infuriating for many EU/US gamers to see that they're only given the scraps.

I myself sometime feel bad for them as most of the people with executive powers over the localisation's decisions have no clue/ disregard what the demand is. It may sound counter-intuitive in such a competitive market and challenging economy, however, keep in mind that here in Japan, it's a safer bet to launch yet another card/social game (like the upcoming Final Fantasy Art collection card "game.")

Later, when the All the Bravest trademark popped up:

Hello again folks.

Alright so about the "All the bravest" project and the fact that they've registered two or three domain names at the end of November/start of December.

First of all, it is common practice for many companies to register domain names for games, even if their localisation hasn't been decided yet. The department in charge of registering domains/ paying off web squatters/ maintenance of the above-mentioned websites has the go ahead to do so as soon as they have a project name.

It is unfortunately not synonymous with an imminent announcement. I do not nor pretend to know what this "All the bravest" project is about, only that Bravely Default wasn't discussed for localisation during the mid-December meeting.

It may be that it's possible that they've decided on an hypothetical product name for when/if the product is considered for localisation. It's all it takes for the department to start registering domain names. To cover your back so to speak.

About "one-shot" games that I'd like to see again, Einhander, Vagrant Story (If only Matsuno Yasumi could come back...) Live a Live and an old favourite, Rudora no hinou.

I'll end this message by saying that unfortunately, apart from the ultimate blockbusters like the numbered Final Fantasy games, NO (and I mean it) game is ever considered for a localisation from the start/ producing stages.

And that means a lot when you're trying to understand what's going on with those Japanese companies. If they did, they would be able to streamline their production/localisation processes a lot more. A valid example is the use of comics style bubbles for dialogues which cannot be resized post production. A real plague for any serious localisation team.

I hope for all the non-japanese speakers that they will one day change their minds, but from all the meetings I've attended, I fear it won't be happening anytime soon.

About a February meeting:

As i told you guys before, the next meeting concerning hypothetical localisations will be mid-February.

Even if they wanted to announce something they couldn't. That's how a japanese company works. It's how stupid it has become, will let you guys know if it shows up during the meeting or not...

I hope it does for your guys' sake, it is a nice game, albeit not as great as some people may make it sound, I enjoyed Sekaiju no Meikyuu much more.


Hello there.

Guess who has good news for you.
Bravely Default will be localised, the decision has been made.
So that's for the good news.

Now for the less good: No date or even a hint of a deadline has been set for the START of the localisation. It seems they're not in any hurry to earn more money and garner respect from the player base.

However this comes with another big news: Something big will happen in Japan around September/start of 4th quarter and it's about a certain FF title haha but I really can't say more. They're currently meeting some of the biggest retailers concerning a big advertising campaign.

I don't know when this will be officially announced however but I suppose this should be good enough news.
Rejoice and be happy. (And keep this quiet if possible. ;p)

Magius posts there too so he can chime in.