Some other details I gleamed from the source. Should clear some things up. My translations should be fine, but I apologize if I did misunderstand anything:
  • When they say "Personalised", they mean games tailored to each individual, suggestions, providing tailored information, matchmaking with similarly skilled players, etc.
  • PlayStation app will display Vita activity as well
  • Interaction with your current game through the PS app. But rather than support it as a system, it's that developers can do it if they want to. Development is easy, web based. (This is where the PS4 acts as a server comes in) Rather than have the data from web based games sent to the cloud and cloud provide the web based game, the PS4 acts as a web server instead, 1 to 1. Might change in the future to include cloud.
  • Secondary processor does not do encode/decode. There's a separate encoder/decoder. Secondary processor allocates work to it, controls the network traffic and I/O.
  • For play as you download, people are pessimistic that download time will be reduced enough to be insignificant (ain't it just going to be cut from 2 hours to 30 mins?). Itou answers saying that it's less than 30 mins. They will strive to achieve that.
  • You can start the game without fully downloading it. For example, an RPG might take a few days to actually download the entire thing. What is needed on the first day is just a small part of it. So that is prioritized and downloaded first. He thinks that it wouldn't take 30-40mins for that. Secondary processor will handle this.
  • Users cannot change the auto update time of around 1am-4am. It's an extension of the current PS+ auto update feature.
  • He doesn't think the drive is particularly noisy, just that it's noisier when compared to the PS3's drive
  • Like others have said, HDD installation will help with that. Just that the initial spin will be noisy
I don't see any comparisons to PS3 noise. I might have missed it but I don't think so?
Only comparison fan wise is the stepless linear fan speed. It changes based on power consumption, which changes based on how demanding the game is. I'm guessing they concluded that it'd be quieter based on that. Noise wise he only talked about the BD drive. I'm hoping I missed it.