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It's honestly a strange feeling watching Curry doing what he's doing this season. I don't understand how he can consistently make the kind of shots he's taking. This is some otherworldly marksmanship. It really does feel like he's breaking how the game is supposed to be played on the offensive end.

It's strange for me but I've been a better long range shooter than mid. I was making 17 out of 20 behind the arc when I was seven.

I've consistently made half court shots first try. And I've played horse where I had a line 25 foot in the air and further out than half court. Going over that line just in front you first then going the distance to drop the ball from way up high and nothing but bet. Others trying the same would have the ball land 20 feet awayfrom the rim. I don't know why I'm a really good long diatance shooter but I think it's from and how I shoot. In long distance that form is probably more natural to how I had to push the ball more hard when I was young. So when I'm far out. I push more hard and go back to that natural motion that I did well with since I was 5. That's my guess logically